In the run up to the Pearlfisher Futures Connect Mode events in New York and London, we are posting three perspectives that highlight some of the key themes from our Connect Mode study which explores how a truly connected brand world will look in the future. Our third piece explores the role that brands and new enterprises can now play in helping us unlock and nurture a new sense of reconnection to our inner selves and the world around us.

We increasingly want to have our say and make our own way through the noise of the world. As a result we are seeking new initiatives that allow us to stand apart from the crowd and decipher what is really important to us. We are looking for new ways of living, learning and engaging with the world around us at a more instinctual level. And we are becoming aware that true connections can only come from within.

It may seem counter-intuitive but we are looking to brands, networks and services to help guide and support us. We want them to help us schedule time for contemplation, create new space for significant moments and connect with us in more creatively controlled ways.

We are seeing more brands now using their communications to prioritize the consumer (rather than providing stimulation and fostering active engagement) by finding new ways to, for example, create a sense of inner peace. Think Selfridges highly publicized ‘No Noise’ room.

Similarly, new movements are driving personalisation and finding different and unique ways to approach today’s lifestyle requirements. Education is very much back in the spotlight and Swedish school Hyper Island is just one breakthrough enterprise using a more motivational approach to redefine what education can mean to the individual. The Hyper Island ethos – with no classrooms, grades or essays – has created a range of immersive learning programmes and experiences to lead change and facilitate a new sense of lifelong learning.

And, as much as we are still using our screens, we are also seeing the advent of specific initiatives tailored to helping us break our screen habits to connect in a more physical or reflective sense. US based, The Digital Detox, is ‘a tech-free retreat where individuals give up their smartphones and gadgets, unplug from technology, and get away from the stress of everyday life for a few days to recharge their mind, body and soul.’ (Source: The Digital Detox)

Ultimately, we are looking for help to curate the choices we make, take charge of our speed and find and harness the best ways to switch off, stand apart and connect with our inner selves. And whilst there are exciting initiatives starting to infiltrate this space, the challenge remains to create a totally new definition that enforces our reconnection to ourselves – and the world around us – by better designing and refining systems so that they provide us with a heightened sense of individuality, equilibrium and control.

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