It’s March, National Nutrition Month, when the Academy of Nutrition reminds us of the huge importance of the right foods to enable our optimum wellbeing and help us prevent chronic illness. And there is a huge opportunity for change on every level: personally, from a brand perspective and from society as a whole. Our health has never had more of a premium.
While overall in society we are seeing increasing rates of illness, including our ongoing battle with the obesity epidemic, ironically we have never been so educated or aware. A fundamental shift in the way we perceive our health has established the need for it to be treated as a lifestyle. Not only that, our Body Mode research shows that we are changing our attitude to and perceptions of illness with an increasingly proactive and positive approach.

We are a generation that is optimising our bodies in ways that was previously not thought possible, to achieve longer, happier and more accomplished lives, re-designed to thrive. As part of Pearlfisher Futures Body Mode study, and in line with this thinking, we imagine a futuristic new brand that might not be as far off as you think…

Imagine a product that uses technology to understand the complexity of our bodies individual needs and necessary nutritional requirements. A product that gains information by daily scanning of your biological makeup to determine the mental and physical nourishment needed to keep you functioning at your optimum. A product that reads your body on a daily basis and provides you with everything your body needs, exactly when it needs it.

There is a very real opportunity to create technology, experiences, brands and products that not only support our demanding schedules but that optimize and inspire new possibilities.