There is so much pressure in an economically challenged and ever-changing climate for design to be accountable and for us to constantly prove its value. But change and value are often inextricably linked. Keeping pace with change for our clients – and ourselves – is what creates effective, resonant, future-focused design; design that is creatively and commercially valued.

In order to create consistently progressive design expressions, and as true partners with our clients, we don’t just think about brands and disruptive design but we work hard to first understand their consumers and how they will want, use, like, desire, and live with, that brand. This has always been fundamentally rooted in what we do but, as we continue to evolve, we are becoming even more human-focused as we embrace our Design for Life philosophy.

Design for Life means that we are not designing just to solve an immediate problem, or answer a specific brief, but we are helping our clients look long-term at people’s needs. It’s about putting people first, and the brand second. By focusing on different aspects of changing life, we can design successfully and appropriately for people’s lives today, and for the future, across a host of living needs – from food to our community, from nature to luxury. But it is a holistic approach. As we future-proof design for consumers’ lives, we are also focusing on how we benefit both the life and continuation of our planet and the lifecycle and success of the brand. We are committing to Design for Life in every sense of the word.  

Our approach to designing for a new world of Taste, informed our brand creation project with Yoplait. With a new breed of health-conscious foodies moving from calorie-restricted eating to a more pleasure-driven approach, Yoplait wanted to help people discover an indulgent moment with its new French-style, set-yoghurt brand – Oui by Yoplait. A sense of discovery and delight is cued by the illustrated fruit patterns and fun French phrases under the lid, such as ‘best savored slowly’, that introduce consumers to French-style yoghurt and also play to changing tastes by creating a delicious and individual moment of everyday special experience – all set against a new glass pot structure reflecting the brand’s premium nature in a sustainable way. 

By creating Oui by Yoplait, we proved that designing for human need and desire is effective, driving direct impact on commercial success. As a result, the brand delivered over $100 million in sales revenue in the first year, adding 3 percent growth to the entire, and previously declining, U.S. yogurt category and achieving a return on design investment in less than four weeks.

Community is another key area in our Design for Life philosophy and, especially in an increasingly dislocated and global society, the need to bring people together in more inventive and meaningful ways is paramount.

TRIBE is a new breed of brand, putting purpose before product. Its growing community of now 50,000 everyday athletes drove its founders to create the highest quality, all-natural performance sports nutrition products. We worked with TRIBE to create a more meaningful and inspirational visual identity, developing a bold, new core idea, The Force of Nature, to both challenge the perception of effective sports nutrition as synthetic and to draw a link between the potency of TRIBE’s product, the joy of the outdoors and the overwhelming power of the natural world. This new idea unified the portfolio, packaging design, website and all print collateral with a strikingly powerful, modern and elemental identity system reinforcing a ‘can do’ attitude, a passion for everyday discovery and pushing boundaries to lead a new natural movement that brings together an ever-evolving community and inspired global TRIBE.

With marketing spend since the rebrand remaining consistent, and with no direct PR or campaign activity, the design and branding has been credited as the sole driving force in uptake and additional sales; a highly impressive sales increase of 125 percent year over year, a 900 percent increase in distribution and the securing of major new retail listings such as Sainsbury’s and Holland & Barrett. (Source: Client data)

Ultimately, a brand is nothing if people don’t want it. It’s people that make a brand successful and design can drive desire for, and the people to, the brand. 

That is why we Design for Life – to create successful brands for life.